ControlLogix Intermediate

Date Monday, February 12th - Tuesday, February 13th, 2024
Time 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Cost $1350

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Class Details

  • What is an Ethernet IP Address?
  • Testing Connection to Device IP Addresses using Ping and IPConfig
  • Configure Your PC to Obtain Ethernet/IP Address automatically
  • Using BOOTP DHCP software to assign IP address to PAC
  • Setting your PC to a Static Subnet IP Address
  • Setting Up an Ethernet/IP Driver in RSLinx
  • Basics of Ladder programming
  • Wiring the controller I/O
  • Starting a Studio 500 Project
  • Creating our first Ladder program
  • Downloading the logic to the PAC
  • What are tag data types
  • Analog Controls
  • Project
  • Programming Function Block Diagram
  • Trending
  • Averaging
  • PID
  • PID Tuning
  • Communications Point I/O
  • Communications Inter-processor