We've Designed or Worked with a Huge Variety of Control Systems

  • Salt Processing Plant
  • Various Power Plants
  • Various Recycling Plants
  • Industrial Diamond Press
  • Mineral/Gas Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Large Variety of Food Processing
  • Oven Controls
  • Fiberglass Processes
  • Material Handling
  • Rockwell/Allen Bradley Products Training Around the World

Custom Projects

Fix systems that are down for unknown reasons
Control System Design (Large and Small)
Centralized user access level management for PanelViews
Track efficiency metrics (OEE, KPIs) at plants with automatic reports
Monitor downtime and track its causes
Modernize and annotate old PLC code for hardware refresh
Troubleshoot a process inefficiency using data analysis and machine learning
Automate the Boring Stuff - custom software for repetitive admin tasks
Build a PLC programming and testing VM
Make changes to a PanelView or Ignition HMI
Modernize legacy PLC systems
Record data from process systems and build reports
Data analysis including AI
Database design and administration
Web development and troubleshooting
Network configuration and computer troubleshooting
Design and assemble custom circuit boards for IOT and bridging data gaps in plants
Develop documentation for processes, programs, or HMIs
Onsite and self-hosted training around in the world
Incorporate new hardware or software into an existing system
Develop a metric tracker displayed throughout the plant
Develop an inventory management system
Notify relevant staff by email or SMS when an event is triggered in the system (alarm, setpoint, etc.)