Smart authentication for your plant HMIs.

Unparalleled Industry Experience

Confidence in more than 30 years of established Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI expertise.

Use what you have

Use the access cards and HMI hardware you already own.

Integration with many common systems including Allen-Bradley Panelviews and FactoryTalk View stations.


Custom integration with your existing HMI systems.


A complete solution for HMI security.

Solve several plant security problems with a single product. Customized to fit your needs.


Each user only sees what he’s supposed to.

Easy access for those who have it- lockouts for those who don’t.

No more sticky notes

Get rid of master passwords taped or written on panels forever. No more sharing admin passwords among users.

Avoid costly mistakes when accidents happen in administrative controls.

Never type a long username and password on a touchscreen again.

Assign each user an access level and let our system automatically give them access only to what they need.

Easy user and security management

Add, change, and remove users in seconds.

Change screen access on the fly as an administrator.

Compatible with existing hardware

Works with Allen-Bradley Panelviews and PC-Based FactoryTalk View stations.

Use your existing access cards from all major card classes.

If you do not currently have access cards in your plant, we can provide these for you at a nominal fee.

Integration with ACLLC Plant Insight

Interactive reports made from your plant data. Custom integration with your system.

Developed to track your existing performance metrics or let us create new ones.

View anywhere you have Internet access.

Costs less than you think. Read more


Basic deployments are typically around $1k/station.

Very competitively priced. Please call or message us to get a more specific estimate.

There are two primary factors that affect pricing:

  • Number of screens in each HMI application.
  • Development time required for custom HMI reworking (eg. rearranging or splitting existing screens to make more specific access areas).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which PLC and HMI systems do you support?

We support the majority of common Allen-Bradley hardware and Rockwell software applications. This includes MicroLogix and ControlLogix processors, Panelviews, and FactoryTalk View ME and SE HMI projects.

We’re happy to discuss your specific hardware and software system and its compatibility. Just call or email us.

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