ACLLC Plant Insight


Unite data from all of your plant processes. View interactive reports anywhere you have Internet access.


Unparalleled Industry Experience

Confidence in more than 30 years of established Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI expertise.


Infinite custom integration and interaction possibilities with your existing HMI and PLC systems. Tailor-made to your demands.

Keep Your Data Safe

Automatic local and cloud backup.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

- Unknown

Capture invisible process data and notice changes over time.

What really happens while your plant is running? Record everything that your PLCs see and start gathering a history of data. With interactive reports you can follow changes over time.

Expand your scope

Rebuild your charts on the fly. Show as much or as little as you want.


Built to track the things that matter to you

Shape data to measure your existing KPIs or envision new ways of seeing your performance. See your data presented through a variety of charts depending on applicability to the process and your personal preference.

See the big picture

Make smart decisions now based on real data. Use evidence to plan for the future.

Dig Deeper

Sometimes it helps to see the raw numbers. View every data point recorded across your plant in a table for careful inspection. Narrow this view on demand to highlight what you want to see.

Never wonder about what you’ve missed

Daily summary reports sent to your inbox.

Custom Integration with Many Scanning Systems

Barcode Scanners

Vision Systems


Basic deployments are frequently <$10k.

Very competitively priced. Please call or message us to get an estimate.

There are several factors that affect pricing:

  • Number of data points being captured.
  • Development time required for custom or complex charts and calculations.
  • Extent of integration with 3rd party hardware.
  • Local and cloud storage options selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which PLC and HMI systems do you support?

We support the majority of common Allen-Bradley hardware and Rockwell software applications. This includes MicroLogix and ControlLogix processors, Panelviews, and FactoryTalk View ME and SE HMI projects.

We’re happy to discuss your specific hardware and software system and its compatibility. Just call or email us.

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