Powerflex Drives Basics


When: See calendar or contact us to request a date

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (1/2-hour lunch and refreshments will be provided)

Price: $450 Per Student



  1. What is a Variable Frequency Drive?
  2. Power wiring
    1. Input (Single Phase-drive derating)
    2. Output (3 phase)
  3. Powering up the drive
  4. Basic drive LED status indicators
  5. Getting to know the HIM module
  6. Basic Drive parameter setup using the HIM
  7. Using the SMART startup feature
  8. Control of the drive:
    1. Basic 3 wire start/stop wiring (Internal vs. external)
    2. 4-20 mA speed reference control
    3. Basic 2 wire start/stop wiring (Internal vs. external)
  9. Drive Setup using the Drives Explorer Lite and the 1203-SSS (Anacanda)
  10. Advanced drive features/parameters
  11. Installing the Ethernet interface module
  12. Setting up the drive using the Drives explorer software and the Ethernet interface
  13. PLC interfacing via Ethernet control
  14. PLC control of the drive using Ethernet
  15. Troubleshooting