When: See calendar or contact us to request a date

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (1/2-hour lunch and refreshments will be provided)

Price: $995 Per Student


The course covers the whole family of Panelview Classic products
from the PV300 through the PV1400 and addresses the following topics:

Application window, Screen window, Toolbars, Status bar
About file types PVA vs PBA files
Creating a new application
Screen security
Saving an application
Configuring states of multistate or
list objects, Push buttons, Control list selectors, Numeric entry controls,
Message displays, Data displays, Screen selectors, Circular Scale, Numeric Entry Inc/Dec, bar graphs
Using global objects
Alarm banner, Alarm lists, Alarm buttons, Defining alarm triggers,
Defining alarm messages
Editing inner text for a multistate or list object
Adding variables to text, Adding a time or date variable, Adding a numeric variable, Adding a character variable
Adding background text to a screen
Scrolling text, Changing the appearance of text
Adding graphics to a screen, Inserting a graphic in an object, Changing the appearance of objects
Applying color to text, Applying color to graphics
Configuring communications
Setting power-up options
Changing the date and time format
Setting up security for an application
Using a memory card, Communication drivers, Using RSLinx drivers
Validating an application
Downloading application directly to a terminal, to a memory card
Uploading application directly from a terminal
Uploading application over a network
This hands-on course integrates the Panelview 600 color terminal
with the SLC 5/03 processor and includes both SLC basic programming
and Panelview screen configuration. The student will learn how the
SLC and the Panelview interact and will do hands-on labs to show
real world application of this great AB product.