Motion Control/Servo Systems



When: See calendar or contact us to request a date

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (1/2-hour lunch and refreshments will be provided)

Price: $995 Per Student

  1. How is a servo different from a regular AC drive
  2. Where are servos used
  3. Basic Servo concepts
  4. Ultra 3000 family of Servos
  5. Wiring the Ultra 3000 drive
  6. Using the Ultraware software to configure the system
  7. Torque vs. Velocity control
  8. Encoder Feedback
  9. Homing Concepts
  10. Indexing
  11. Preset Positions
  12. Preset Velocity
  13. Analog Control
  14. Operation Override
  15. PLC (ControLogix) control via the DeviceNet network
  16. Simple index control using the PLC
  17. Troubleshooting