ControlLogix Basics



When: See calendar or contact us to request a date

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (1/2-hour lunch and refreshments will be provided)

Price: $995 Per Student


This hands-on course will allow the student to learn about real world application of the CompactLogix (ControLogix) family of controllers and the RSLogix 5000 software.
· Communications – Serial/Ethernet connections

· Creating a CompactLogix project

· Configuring the CompactBus

· Configuring I/O Modules

· Creating Tags- Understanding the differences between SLC and CompactLogix Addressing

· Understanding Multitasking Environments-Tasks, programs, routines, RPI, Timed routines, etc.

· Downloading the programming to the CompactLogix controller

· Configuring Analog I/O

· Testing the program

· Online programming

· Online data file creation

· Creating user defined tags

· Timers/Counters

· Math-FAL,CPT

· Data Manipulation-Move, Copy